KOF Index of Globalization


The KOF Index of Globalization measures the three main dimensions of globalization: In addition to three indices measuring these dimensions, we calculate an overall index of globalization and sub-indices referring to Data are available on a yearly basis for 207 countries over the period 1970 - 2010.

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Please quote this data set as:

Dreher, Axel (2006): 6102180823, Applied Economics 38, 10: 1091-1110.

Updated in:
Dreher, Axel, Noel Gaston and Pim Martens (2008), Measuring Globalisation – Gauging its Consequences (New York: Springer).

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This version: March, 1, 2013.

Download old index data

The following archives contain old files with raw index datasets, methods, variables and definitions from 2002 and 2005-2012:

Globalization Index 2012 (zip, 2.0 MB)
Globalization Index 2010 (zip, 1.1 MB)
Globalization Index 2009 (zip, 1.1 MB)
Globalization Index 2007 (zip, 658 kb)
Globalization Index 2005 (zip, 377 kb)